Pioneering a New Era in Construction Parts

In the heart of our company's journey stands a visionary founder, Ryan Mellott. With roots tracing back to weekends spent alongside his father in the shop of a John Deere dealership, Ryan's passion for construction equipment was ignited at an early age. This familial connection to the industry planted the seeds of entrepreneurship, eventually leading him to establish Southeastern Parts and Attachments in 2006.

Fast forward to 2016, when serendipity intervened. The founders of Construction Equipment Parts (CEP), Bud Kelly, and Earl Thomas, decided it was time to retire. seizing the moment, Ryan Mellott acquired the family-run company and rebranded his original venture as Construction Equipment Parts. After departing CEP in 2022, Ryan realized he could not leave the industry; Thus Top Gear Tractor was founded.

Our genesis was not just an escape from the corporate world, although that was part of the motivation. It was founded on the belief that a "tech company" could seamlessly intertwine with a traditional construction parts enterprise. Armed with the power of AI, the reach of social media, and intuitive CRM and inventory management systems, we set out to revolutionize the industry.

In 2022, the company took its first steps, with Ryan Mellott tirelessly working from his home office. Early challenges were abundant, from navigating pandemic-induced logistics hurdles to introducing the new company to our customer base. Yet, with every challenge came the opportunity to evolve and adapt.

Our culture thrives on agility and ownership. As a close-knit team, we make swift decisions without bureaucratic red tape. We embrace our mistakes, address them promptly, and seek solutions on the spot, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Our track record is one of ingenuity and unwavering commitment. Countless instances stand testament to our ability to source parts that seemed impossible to find. In a time of scarcity, we stepped up to supply crucial components to Volvo dealers through our extensive vendor network.

As we look to the future, our evolution continues. We're strategically focusing on undercarriage parts, thanks to strong vendor partnerships, and expanding our horizons to serve international customers. Our vision is clear: to become a global leader in supplying new OEM and aftermarket parts worldwide. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI to enhance cost-efficiency and empower our dedicated team, we're on a relentless quest to redefine the industry.

Our story is one of passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Join us on this transformative journey as we set new standards in the construction equipment parts industry and propel your projects to new heights.
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